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WMW Reprographics Ltd.
840 Cambie Street
Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6B 0B4
Phone (604) 685-5408
Fax (604) 685-5409
Toll free phone (866) 369-3237 (866DMWEBER)
Toll free fax (800) 986-2332

Administration/Billing (604) 685-5442

Welcome to the home page of WMW Reprographics Ltd.

We have recently made some changes to our web site. The sections on DXF Made Easy were quite outdated, and we have removed them. If you need them for some reason, please let us know and we will be happy to email them to you. In an ongoing basis we will also be adding a few photos to a scrapbook section.

Our On-Line Order form can be found here or from the menu at the top of the page.

Dave's hobby pages can be found here.

Just to clear up any confusion about how to access our location.

Our mailing address is 840 Cambie Street. Our physical entry is at Rear, 848 Cambie Street (in the alley).

To physically get here, we are in the lane between Cambie and Beatty streets which can only be accessed from Smithe Street. Look for the big WMW awning hanging over our door. There is also a door in the front on Cambie St. with a WMW sign on it and an intercom about 60 feet south of the main 840 Cambie door that we can let you in and out of. If at all possible, use the rear entrance, as we do not have a buzzer to the street door and have to send someone upstairs to let you in to use this way. We do not have access to the main door at 840 Cambie.